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We're passionate about green home design. 

Listed Green® - the green National Relocation Resource for healthy, sustainable, energy efficient and ecologically smart homes and developments listed for sale - since 2007. is also mentioned in over 244,000 pages across the internet.

An integral part of an overall marketing strategy of the green, energy efficient home for sale.

The only website of it's kind - staff reviewing all content before allowing to post live. No greenwashing.

We also create new alliances among numerous innovative home energy auditors, sustainable builders, architects and developers  - elevating greener, more energy efficient and sustainable building methods from all over the world.

Some examples of our greener commitment:

  • We are proud members of the local chapter of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) - continuing to learn, educate, and stay informed of the newest building technologies, while networking with like-minded green building professionals.
  • As approved business members of Green America, we can expand knowledge of energy efficiency and grow along side like-minded environmentally friendly people, while making a statement for the well-being of our children's future and our carbon footprint on this great earth.
  • We are also members and Eco-Activists for Global Green USA.
    A portion of our proceeds is donated every month to this great organization and hopefully Listed Green can make a difference by posting important green articles and new challenges before all of us. We encourage you to join Global Green USA.

Listed Green works with green lending and appraisal professionals - helping elevate the true market value of green, sustainable, energy efficient properties and developments.

Our background has been in Green Real Estate and we strive to be "greener" by:

  • Personally reviewing every listing to ascertain each contains green, energy efficient and/or sustainable attributes before posting
  • E-Faxing - instead of paper wasting fax machines
  • Only using 100% recycled paper when we need to use paper
  • Having our business cards printed on 100% recycled paper with environmentally friendly inks
  • Making monthly contributions to environmentally pro-active organizations such as Global Green USA
  • Supporting green building practices and "spreading the word" about new innovative energy efficient technologies greatly appreciates everyone telling friends and associates.
Mention our green marketing strategy to builders, developers, news groups, blogs, real estate professionals, etc.

Spread the word. Watch green become the new standard. - the exclusive MLS for green, sustainable, energy efficient properties and worldwide.

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