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ListedGreen® takes great pride in protecting your privacy and our policy is a simple one:

Any information you provide to from which you could be identified will only be collected for Property Listings or Inquiry identification purposes and will never be sold to any person(s) and/or third party organization(s) at any time. Any and all customers also agree and understand that all information provided on each Property Listing or Seller/Agent , Auditor or Buyer Profile of this website will be made public.

Any Seller/Agent, Auditor or Buyer may modify any details we maintain about them by logging into their respective Seller/Agent, Auditor or Buyer Desktop Menu and change this information anytime.

Feel free to direct your questions or concerns by contacting us through this website or writing to us:

Listed Green LLC
2505 Anthem Village Dr. Suite E-460
Henderson, NV 89052




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